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What is an EPC?

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is new government legislation which affects the way the commercial property is sold or let in the UK and came into force in April 2008.


What is affected?

From the 1st October 2008 all commercial premises over 538 sq ft (50 sq m) will require an EPC when a letting or sale is completed.

From the 1st January 2009 all commercial premises over 538 sq ft (50 sq m) will require an EPC when they are placed on the market.

From the 6th April 2012 all commercial premises that are placed on the market, that require an EPC, have to have the EPC on the marketing particulars.


Why are EPC's needed?

An EPC is intended to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy performance of a building so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their investment in a business decision to buy or occupy that specific building.


Who should provide an EPC?

EPC's are required to be provided free of charge by the seller or landlord of commercial premises.There are a few exceptions such as buildings less than 538 Sq ft (50 sq m), churches and public buildings which have to display their own energy certificate. However, the majority of commercial buildings will require EPC's.

As soon as the building is offered for sale or to let an EPC must be attached to the marketing details on commercial propoerty marketed after 6th April 2012. This is mandatory.


What does it all mean?

The EPC looks broadly similar to the energy labels now provided with new vehicles and many appliances and its purpose is to indicate how energy efficient the building is, providing an energy rating from A-G, ‘A' being very efficient and ‘G' being the least efficient. The better the rating, the more energy efficient the building is and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be. The energy performance of a building is shown as a carbon dioxide (CO2) based index.


Where can I get more information?

A useful PDF guide "A Guide to Energy Performance Certificates for Construction, Sale and Lettings of Non-dwellings" is available from the communities and local government website PDF Guide which provides further information regarding EPC's.


What next?

Bulleys are able to commission Energy Performance Certificates.  For more information please use the Contact us link.

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